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Earthworks DK25/L

Drum Kit Mic System for Live Performance

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The DK25/L is for "Live Performance" and has three SR25s: two for overheads and one for kick drum, a KickPad™ and a windscreen.The patented cardioid pattern on the SR25 provides a more uniform off-axis response and has less susceptibility to acoustic feedback. The DK25/L is also ideal for use with multi-miked drums (four or more mics) in either live or studio applications. In such cases it is recommended that two SR25s are used for overheads.

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The SR25 was engineered to be used in our DrumKit™ System, but can also provide stunning results on a wide variety of instruments and vocals. The SR25 has the same attributes as the SR30 except its high frequency response extends to 25kHz. It will handle up to 145 dB SPL, is smaller in size, weighs less and costs less than the SR30. The performance vs. price ratio of this microphone is excellent.

Just plug the KickPad™ into the mic line feeding your favorite cardioid kick drum mic and you will experience an incredible "instant kick drum sound" that is exactly repeatable, every time. This is a real time saver that will work with any cardioid microphone that is used tor kick drum. The KickPad™ is a passive device (requiring no phantom power) that can be used with either condenser or dynamic cardioid microphones. It will provide fantastic results for both "recording" and "live sound" applications.


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