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Gig Fx Pro Chopper

Guitar Effects Pedal

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Gig Fx

In addition to astoundingly new effects, the Chopper will produce the ultimate versions of traditional effects such as tremolo, auto pan and Leslie (rotating cabinet) effects, but all with a key difference- the frequency of the effects can be varied with the on-board pedal unit. No additional expression pedal is needed. By-passed by FET Switch – No loss of signal or frequency response when by-passed. Runs on a 9v battery (included when shipped), or a standard 9v AC adapter. Compact Size: 9" x 4" (228mm x 103mm). Lightweight, high-quality aircraft aluminum casting and rugged construction, only 2.3lbs (1.1kg). Patented ergonomics.

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- Easy to use. No programming or scrolling through patches required
- All analog circuitry, crystal clear sound, no coloration
- Transparent bypass achieved by a FET switch. Open frequency response same as a true mechanical bypass, but more reliable. Noiseless switching
- The circuit is designed so there is no loss of signal amplitude when the pedal is turned on, so turning it on is seamless. Many tremolo pedals appear to lower the volume when turned on. The Chopper does not.
- Reliable, wear-free, noise-free optical operation. Bypassed when pedal is all the way back
- Mono in, stereo out, even when in bypass mode. Both outputs are equal with zero gain
- 9V working with low 15mA current consumption. Batteries just keep on going
- Will accept standard 2.1mm power supply plug, center negative, reverse polarity protected
- Flashing blue and red LED's to show modulation rates
- Compact Size: 9" x 4" (228mm x 103mm)
- Lightweight, high-quality aircraft aluminum casting and rugged construction, only 2.2lbs (1.1kg). Patented design ergonomics

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