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Korg has been an innovator in the area of music workstations since their inception, with both traditional instruments like the Trinity and Triton, and unique performance/production systems like the i30 and the iS series. Now Korg blends the benefits of each approach into a single great-sounding system, the PA-80 Professional Arranger. With a stunning sound inherited from our award-winning Triton, a large variety of highly-musical Styles made by the best musicians in the world, a multi-tasking operating system and a revolutionary sequencer design, this new keyboard will bring the benefits of Korg’s revolutionary songwriting and music production and performance to a whole new generation of musicians.

Proven sound quality
What better place to start than Triton’s acclaimed HI sound generation and effect processing? So you know it delivers stunning sound quality and features a broad selection of great natural and synthetic sounds to inspire you. We added a new class of ultra-realistic solo instruments which include sampled natural vibrato, including Sax, Trumpet, Harmonica, Violin, Flute, and more. Finally, we added a set of Drawbar sounds for a true simulation of the classic organ sound.

All Programs can be edited on-the-fly, using the Easy Program Edit functions, by changing Attack, Decay, Release, LFO, Filter Cutoff and Resonance parameters. Any change will be stored into a Performance, for fast recall of the new Programs.

The PA-80 includes four powerful Master Effect processors, including all of Triton’s studio-level Master Effects for a total of 90 different effects. You can use them for a Song, or split them in two sections, to assign two of them to the realtime tracks, and the remaining two to the Style tracks. You can even route two different external audio sources into the internal Effect Processors to mix them into your Song or live performance. Since each audio input has a different Gain control, you can connect a microphone and a guitar at the same time, each with its own set of effects.

Professional sound reproduction
The PA-80 features a newly-designed stereo (22 watt per side) amplification and speaker system, which includes an Auto Loudness feature for smooth, deep, and powerful sound playback. And when you need to connect the PA-80 to an external mixer or recorder you have four outputs for greater routing flexibility. Our new system allows you to define which instrument goes to which output, so it’s easy to always route the Bass to OUT 1, or just the Snare to OUT 2 – it’s never been simpler!

Musical Styles
As well as being a professional Korg synthesizer, the PA-80 provides a huge collection of music styles created by top musicians from around the world. Korg has received considerable acclaim for the natural performance of their accompaniment system, and for the most advanced chord recognition in the industry. With 152 editable Preload Styles and 48 User Styles the PA-80 can cover any situation you’ll ever encounter. With four Variations, two Fills, two Intros and two Endings you have all the variety to create a natural-sounding performance.

Revolutionary Sequencing
Recording your musical ideas is where the PA-80 provides its most distinct advantage. Where traditional workstations provide you an empty palette to start your idea with, the PA-80’s Backing Sequencer can take advantage of the accompaniment system to provide you with as little or as much of a band as you need. If you simply need drums, you can select a Style and create a drum track with the press of a few buttons, adding fills where needed. Want more? Use the full system to get up to eight players who will follow your every idea. After playing you can easily change chord ideas, break-downs etc. and the system will automatically change the parts needed so you can try out new ideas without re-recording everything.

This brings a simplicity and flexibility to creating music that the more complex but demanding traditional systems can’t match. So it’s the perfect tool for the non-keyboardist and for the professional who needs to work quickly. And the sounds you need to play yourself are separate from the sequencer tracks so there’s never any fear of note-robbing or effects setup compromises.

Dual Sequencer

The PA-80 further revolutionizes sequencing with its XDS Dual Sequencer Engine (patent pending). This new innovation allows the user to playback two independent sequences at the same time, with individual transport control for each sequence and a crossfader to switch between them. That’s a total of 40 tracks of sequence playback power – two sixteen track sequences plus four realtime tracks and four Pad tracks. Use it to create your own mixes drawn from more than one sequence, or to create long medleys of tunes with nice overlaps between songs.

Even More Innovations
The PA-80 features a powerful multitasking operating system which allows you to load a new Style while one is playing, load a new Program while a Song is playing, even edit sounds or Global parameters while listening to your song ideas. This makes working with it a fluid process – the technology never gets in the way of your creativity. Play data directly from floppy disk or optional internal hard drive, and use optional PCMCIA Flash-ROM cards to add more sounds, samples, grooves and styles to your world with no load time. And the Operating System can easily be updated, so expect some exciting new functions already planned for the near future.

Options to Expand Your Potential
The PA-80 provides a number of ways to enhance your music-making experience. If you appreciate the audio inputs you’ll be happy to add the Vocal Harmony/Guitar Board, which adds two additional effects processors dedicated to these inputs. Add guitar effects chains and vocal effects (including vocal harmony) to complete your performance needs. Adding the Video Board allows you to display lyrics from Standard MIDI Files on a standard TV monitor. Finally, an internal hard disk can be added to give you fast access to a huge amount of sound and style data.

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Version 2 of the PA-80 Operating System is now available.

Primarily, Version 2 adds Style Record Mode and Song Record Mode; and a
full parameter editing of the Programs

STYLE RECORD allows for recording new styles and editing of existing
styles, and saving them to user locations

SONG RECORD opens up a traditional 16 track linear sequencer, with measure
edit (copy, ins, delete, etc..) features.

Other new features include Panic Button, new Fill in features, and a
larger song directory.

But again, with Version 2 you get full access to all parameters of
creating and editing PROGRAMS, creating and editing STYLES, and a
traditional 16 track sequencer.

Dimensions: 43.7" x 15.3" x 6.45"


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