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Auralex AudioTile Shockwave - 96 Piece

AudioTile Shockwave - 96 Piece

Sound Absorption Tile

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AudioTile can completely redefine the look of a recording studio or other sound-critical space. As we’ve all learned, taming the acoustics of a room with absorption is an essential element for capturing and reproducing high-quality audio performances and broadcasts. AudioTile accomplishes this quite effectively while offering eye-catching designs that will make any room stand out from the rest.

Make no mistake; while AudioTile’s coolness factor is high, there is still plenty of science behind the art. Varying thickness built into each patent-pending AudioTile deliver excellent broadband absorption*, while the design patterns allow a unique means of blending absorption, diffusion, and reflection for optimum acoustical balance tailored to any room.

As AudioTile’s tessellated panels are spread out, broadband absorption is maximized and the areas of exposed hard surface provide high frequency scattering. By doing this, we accomplish several major goals: providing a room with good low frequency control, creating a very tight sound in areas where drums or amplifiers might be placed, and simultaneously offering a nice reverberant sound in upper areas where overhead and/or ambient room microphones would be placed.

* Maximum broadband absorption: 0.81 absorption coefficient @ 125 Hz. Max. NRC = 1.0 to 1.05 depending on installation.

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- Quanity: 96 Audio Tiles per box (=48 ft²)
- Box Size: 48" x 24.5" x 16"

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