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Chauvet DJ Xpress 100

USB to DMX Interface Conversion Cord w/ Software

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Chauvet DJ

ShowXpress provides the ultimate solution for lighting control. It offers the possibility of direct user control, from simple par cans to the most complex moving light, with a PC, the software and the interface. A PC is loaded with software to build and control the lighting show, connecting to the interface via a USB port. The interface can also run the lighting show by itself. The interface retains the data in a non-volatile memory, so that hard drive failure or loss of data will not interrupt the show.

The software is designed to be very user-friendly and can easily be used by even those whose knowledge of computers is limited. We have a range of interfaces, adapted to the various lighting applications.

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MPN: Xpress 100
UPC: 781462203115

- Aluminum 512-channel interface
- USB cable
- CD-ROM of software
- FREE software updates

- USB to DMX interface
- 512 DMX channels per USB Interface
- DMX-in controls shows via external controller
- Unlimited shows when using a computer

- Upload 100 channels to run without computer (external power needed)
- Start automatically without computer
- Import one show into the stand-alone box
- Stand-alone power supply not included

- Joystick compatible (follow spot effect)
- Create 28 fixture groups
- Extensive library of fixtures
- User-definable fixture profiles
- Unlimited scenes
- Programming grid
- Touch screen ready
- Quick access to scenes
- Mask (home for easy effect selection)
- Live control
- Invert pan & tilt
- Hot key triggering
- Multi-media Triggering
- MP3 time code sync
- MP3 player / AVI player

- Wave file sync
- Sound-activation (Audio In)
- Midi in
- Tap sync
- On screen gobo selector/icon
- On screen color selector/icon
- Easy stage sizing of shows
- Macros
- 3D visualizer
- Off line 3D visualizer
- Trussing generator
- 3D objects
- Drop & drag 3D fixture placements
- Change colors/gobos etc.via external DMX board thru DMX in
- Copy / Paste / Insert for new fixtures and scenes
- Preview/Setup scenes before activation (like a theatrical board)

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