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Metric Halo SpectraFoo Complete SA V4.0 OSX

Metering, spectral analysis, Phase Torch, correlation metering (for MAC OSX)

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Metric Halo

SpectraFoo Complete provides all of the functionality that is in SpectraFoo plus a number of additional features. The differences fall into four categories:

More instruments: 3 different kinds of bit meters for monitoring the low level audio bitstreams Full featured world-class signal generator: Provides high resolution 24-bit distortion free signal generation Up to 9 simultaneous sine sweeps Pink and White noise generation Burst Generation FFT synchronized sine generation Direct generation to audio I/O, captures and files Transfer function measurement system Allows direct measurement of both acoustic and equipment transfer functions (both frequency and phase) Can be used for equipment verification and test Can be used to "shoot" your control room for acoustic and electronic correction Provides full featured impulse and time-delay measurement tools for time aligning the transfer-function measurements Time-delay tools can be used for time aligning multiple audio tracks (e.g. DI and mic'ed bass or guitar) Coupled with the Signal generator, can be used to make TDS (time-delay spectrometry) measurements. Capture and Static Analysis system Allows you to record directly into SpectraFoo Provides loop playback Allows you to open soundbites in SpectraFoo for detailed analysis ... and more If your only use of the software is for metering your mix, then SpectraFoo will provide what you need. If you want to be able to measure your acoustic environment or verify the behavior of your external digital devices, then you need SpectraFoo Complete. Also, we have a 45 day upgrade policy (which we will usually stretch anyway), so if you decide to start with 'Foo and then want to upgrade to Complete, it won't cost you anything additional.

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System Features
- Metric Halo metering software automatically maintains a snapshot of the current system state, so every time you start working with the system it is configured exactly as you left it. The software also provides a variety of sophisticated configuration management features to maximize your effectiveness while minimizing the time you spend tweaking the controls.

Parameter Management System
- Provides a complete parameter storage and retrieval library mechanism for all instruments in the system Allows you to create named configurations for each of the various instruments and instantly recall them with a single mouse clickModifications of parameter libraries can be saved over the originals or cloned to create new libraries Includes a comprehensive set of instrument presets to allow you to get the most benefit from your system immediately

Window sets
- Allows you to create a complete snapshot (meter positions, visibility, configuration, channel routing, etc.) of the entire state of the system and save it as a preset document Allows you to create a complete snapshot and assign it to a hot key for instant one-key access to various metering configurations

Link groups
- Flexible linking system to allow you to keep all of the parameters associated with a group of instruments linked. Can be used to link the setting on a stereo pair (or surround group) of instruments as well as synchronizing the settings of different types of meters that are all on the same channel

Plug-in Specific Features
- Metric Halo metering products work equally as well as plug-ins for the major digital audio workstations as they do as standalone metering sets. Metric Halo metering software will run in both standalone mode and as a plug-in to any of the supported digital audio workstations such as Pro Tools and Digital Performer.

Persistent instrument windows
- Plug-in versions use Metric Halo's Persistent Plug-in(tm) technology to allow you to open multiple metering and control windows while providing access to the control surfaces of other plug-ins - even in host applications (like Pro Tools) that do not normally support multiple plug-in control windows. SpectraFoo runs concurrently with other plug-ins to provide instant feedback on any channel or an entire mix (while you are making changes using your other plug-ins)

DSP efficiency
- On systems with DSP hardware, uses only one DSP for up to 24 channels of metering, or use RTAS mode to free up a DSP chip.

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