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Rane PE17

Parametric Equalizer

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The PE 17 Parametric Equalizer/Notch Filter is suited for all critical digital audio studio, sound reinforcement and broadcast applications. Besides the 5 completely overlapping filter bands, the PE 17 features separate In and Out Gain controls, plus sweepable Low and High Cut Filters (for a total of 7 adjustable filters). Special design techniques and components used in the design of the PE 17 guarantee residual noise levels below digital recording equipment.

The adjustable band limiting Filters offer great appeal in tailoring each sound systems overall frequency response exactly to its application. The range of the Low Cut is 10 Hz to 250 Hz, while the High Cut is 3 kHz to 40 kHz. Both have maximally flat 12 dB/octave Butterworth responses. All five parametric bands are identical and offer 100% overlap. This allows the PE 17 to be configured one time as a 5-band subwoofer parametric equalizer, with all bands covering the range of 10 Hz to 200 Hz, and another time as a high frequency unit, with five bands covering the range from 1 kHz to 20 kHz, or yet another time, with each band covering five separate parts of the audio spectrum - anyway you want it. Additionally, you may vary each filter's bandwidth from as narrow as 1/30 of an octave to as wide as two octaves, and adjust the Level over a boost/cut range of +12 dB to -15 dB. The extra-deep cut range, when used with a narrow Bandwidth setting, is effective against troublesome feedback frequencies. Specially designed circuits make all these adjustments completely independent. To you, this means the ability to change all controls in any order without affecting the others.

Individual Bypass switches and LED indicators allow separate auditioning of each band. An overall Bypass relay provides for "hard-wiring" the Input connectors to the Output connectors anytime the Bypass switch is activated or upon power failure, thereby ensuring a fail-safe condition. Other front panel features include a system Overload light that continuously monitors five critical internal nodes, a Power indicator, and separate ±12 dB Input and Output Gain controls. The PE 17 rear panel provides XLR and 1/4" TRS connectors. The balanced Input stage design uses a precise instrumentation amplifier with 0.1% matched resistors, to provide superior common-mode rejection of unwanted signals. The balanced Output stage uses a member from the "cross-coupled" family of high current line drivers. With this design extremely long lines may be driven with impunity. A single 1/4" Patch I/O jack, wired in the conventional tip=in/ring=out manner provides a convenient method to patch the PE 17 into console insert points (wired: tip=send/ring=return) using only a single stereo (TRS) cable.

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- 120 dB (20-Bit Equivalent) Dynamic Range
- Separate ±12 dB Input/Output Gain Controls
- Separate Sweepable Low & High Cut Filters
- Five Fully Parametric Bands with 100% Overlap
- 10 Hz-20 kHz Filter Frequency Sweep
- .03 TO 2.O Octave Variable Bandwidth
- +12 dB/-15 dB Boost/Cut Range
- Overall and Individual Band Bypass Switches & Indicators
- Multipoint Overload Monitoring Indicator
- Automatic Fail-Safe Bypass Relay
- Balanced XLR & 1/4" TRS Connectors
- Handy Patch I/O Jack for Insert Point Use
- UL/CSA Remote Power Supply (120V)
- CE (Low Voltage & EMC) Remote Power Supply (230V)

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