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Yamaha EMX5014C

14 channel Powered Mixer with 500W Amp and Onboard Digital Effects

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When sound reinforcement requirements get serious but you still want the convenience and reliability of a Yamaha powered mixer, the console-style EMX5014C is the ticket. It's an all-in-one solution that will appeal to gigging combos and venue operators alike. It provides a surprising palette of features and versatile signal routing options. And it's a Yamaha, so it's going to sound great.

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UPC: 086792838274

- Exclusive single-knob compressors on each input control unruly vocals or tighten up a bass guitar
- Feedback channel locator LEDs on each input pinpoint problems for easy correction
- 80Hz high-pass filters for eliminating low-frequency noise and rumble
- Channel ON switches let you switch individual channels into or out of the mix
- PFL (Pre-Fader Listen) switches allow isolated monitoring of individual channels
- All input channels feature signal and peak indicators for visual signal monitoring
- Linear Aux 1, Aux 2, and Effect return faders with AFL (After-Fader Listen) monitor switches
- Stereo master fader with both PFL and AFL monitor switches
- Limiter indicators tell you when the internal limiter circuitry
- has been activated due to power amplifier overload
- Power amp mode selector allows 2-channel power amp to be quickly configured for Main + Main, Mono + Aux 1, or Aux 1 + Aux 2 operation
- Power amplifier output selector allows selection of 500, 200, or 75-watt output per channel

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