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Apple Jam Pack: Rhythm Section

Jam Pack: Rhythm Section

The world's best studio drummer

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GarageBand Jam Pack: Rhythm Section is an expansion pack of additional content for GarageBand and Logic. It extends the number of sounds available for creating music, providing even more creative options. Jam Pack: Rhythm Section provides rhythmic foundation for musicians, songwriters, and bands by providing the core building blocks of: drums, percussion, bass, and guitars in a variety of genres including rock, folk, jazz, country, and blues.

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- Lay down rhythm tracks with the ultimate backing band: an impressive array of drum kits, percussion, basses, guitars, and other essential instruments. From modern rock beats to country shuffles to pop grooves from around the world, Jam Pack: Rhythm Section gives you core elements to help construct your songs.

Over 2000 Apple Loops
- Build unique tracks with loops for rock, blues, jazz, and country songs. Foundation elements include more than 1000 loops of drum beats and fills and 1000 more bass lines, guitar and keyboard riffs, and chord progressions.

Rhythm Kits
- Play a variety of new software drum kits, covering everything from jazz brushes to classic 1970s studio sound to heavy metal. Rhythm Section also includes a wide range of percussion sounds like congas, bongos, shakers, steel drums, and more.

More bass
- Choose from new, fully playable acoustic and electric basses covering some of the most popular studio tones. Whether you're into Motown sound, 1960s pop, or progressive and unplugged rock, Rhythm Section will hold down the low end.

Guitars Galore
- Strum and pick from your keyboard using more than10 playable guitars and other stringed instruments like dobro and banjo. Jam acoustic or electric, from fiery leads to rhythmic strumming and power chords.

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