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Superlux DRK-F5H3 8 Piece

DRK-F5H3 8 Piece

8 piece Drum Microphone Set

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The Superlux DRK-F5H3 is the newest drum mic kit from Superlux and contains 8 microphones. It is part of their next generation Sonata Series. This kit includes the FK-2 Large Diaphragm Dynamic Kick Drum Mic, three FT-4 Dynamic Tom Drum Mics, the FS-6 Dynamic Snare Drum Mic, two HO-8 Side-Address Condenser Overhead Cymbal Mics, and a HI-10 Pencil Condenser Hi-Hat Mic. The stand adapters are built into each mic except the HI-10 which uses a clip.

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- Three FT-4 TOM mics, One FK-2 KICK/BASS mic, One FS-6 SNARE mic, One HI-10 Cymbal mic, and Two HO-8 Cymbal/Overhead mics
- Road-ready all-metal and composite construction
- Low-profile percussion-style design
- Built-in adjustable stand mount for quick setup and adjustments
- Durable Hard Shell carrying case

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