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Rane XP2016A

Rotary Mixer Expander

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The XP 2016a is an optional external processor designed specifically for use with the MP 2016a. The XP 2016a is intended to mount above or below the MP 2016a. It connects with a single 10-inch ribbon cable and is engaged with the flip of a switch on the MP 2016a front panel. If an XP 2016a is not connected, the XP 2016a engage switch on the MP 2016a has no effect.

The XP 2016a provides dedicated Accelerated-Slope, 3-band, full-cut tone controls for each of the six stereo Input channels, A-Post-B Crossfader Assign switches for all six Input channels, a high-performance Active Crossfader with full range Contour control, and a stereo 10-segment peak dBu Master/Cue Meter with peak hold.

The six stereo, post Mix Level signals in the MP 2016a are fed to the XP 2016a. When the XP 2016a is not engaged, the post Mix Level signals go directly to the Master Mix in the MP 2016a. When the XP 2016a is engaged, the stereo Master Mix comes from the XP 2016a.

If all Input channels on the XP 2016a are assigned Post-Crossfader, the Mix will be identical to the MP 2016a (with the addition of tone controls for each Input channel). For Crossfader control, simply assign a channel to the A or B side of the Crossfader. The Active Crossfader features a full-range Contour control for smooth blending or ultra fast cuts.

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- Active-Crossfader with full-range Contour control
- A-POST-B Crossfader assign switches
- Stereo Master / Cue Meter with peak hold
- Six channels of stereo, Accelerated-Slope, full-cut, 3-band Tone controls

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