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Parker NiteFly SA Swamp Ash Transparent Blue

State of the Art Electric Guitar w/Acoustic Pickup with Deluxe Parker Hardshell Case

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Manufactured from the finest tone woods and top of the line brand name components like Fishman, DiMarzio and Sperzel, the NiteFly offers incredible versatility, playability, performance and value!

This wood comes from a tree that grows partly under water. Parker only uses the soggy parts. The water leaches the minerals from the tree, lightening the wood and increasing its stiffness. Think of ash as "Oak–Lite". Only a few microclimates on the Gulf coast provide the right growing conditions. Swamp ash is famous for its mid-range growl and bouncy response. It's guttural and clean, yet swampy and spicy!

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- Wood: Swamp Ash
- Contruction: Solid two piece
- Finish: Polyurethane
- Bridge: Parker custom cast aluminum vibrato bridge, Stainless steel saddles
- Vibrato System: 3 spring; 3 mode stop screw: fixed, bend down only, or floating

- Wood: Mahogany
- Neck Design: Solid one piece with carbon-glass-epoxy reinforcement
- Neck-Body Joint: True bolt-on with half-round precision joint
- Scale: 25.5"
- # of Frets: 22 Frets
- Fret Material: Hardened stainless steel
- Fret Size: .052" high, .103" wide
- Fret Board: Carbon – glass composite
- Fretboard Shape: 10"-13" conical form
- Neck Shape: regular / fat
- Finish: Polyurethane
- Nut: GraphTech
- Nut Width: 1.68"
- String Spacing: Bridge: 2.14" Nut: 1.38"
- Truss Rod: Custom design light-weight steel
- Tuners: Sperzel locking

- Mag Pickups: DiMarzio custom wound
- Mag. Config: Number: 3 Config: HSS
- Mag. PU Select: 5 way
- Piezo System: 6-element Fishman piezo
- PreAmp/Mixer: Active Custom Fishman stereo preamp
- Other Controls: Mag volume, Mag tone, Piezo volume, Mag/Piezo 3 way selector
- Output: Split stereo or summed mono; "Smart Switching" jack

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