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Zoom G1 *Refurbished

Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

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The tone of tube amplification lies in the mix of rich harmonics that extend far beyond the range of human hearing (20 kHz). Because the ZOOM G1 uses 96 kHz sampling, it provides a flat frequency response from 20 Hz up to an amazing 40 kHz. This allows for an accurate model of the delicate harmonic structure of the distortion produced by a tube amp. The dynamic range is also excellent, thanks to 24-bit A/D/A conversion. Every detail of your playing technique, whether picked or fingered, emerge with full clarity.

The heart of any multi-effect device is its processor and decoder section. The G1 features the Zoom's ZFX-3 chip. The 32-bit architecture ensures outstanding performance and allows smooth and detailed signal processing. This is a new generation DSP that brings out the character of your instrument without restrictions, helping you pursue the ultimate in guitar sound.

Covering a range of popular models By digitally simulating the clipping action of analog devices such as tubes and diodes, the G1 faithfully duplicates the distortion of tube amps and vintage effects. The choices range from models that made guitar history such as Fender, Marshall and Vox to popular modern amps including Mesa/Boogie, Peavey, and Diezel. An acoustic simulator is also included, so your electric instrument can sound like an acoustic guitar when the fancy strikes.

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UPC: 4515260006700

- Effect Types: 54
- Effect Modules: 8
- Patch Memory: User 40 + Preset 40, Total 80
- Sampling Frequency: 96kHz
- A/D Conversion: 24-bit, 128 times over-sampling
- D/A Conversion: 24-bit, 128 times over-sampling
- Signal Processing: 32bit
- Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz +1.0dB/-4.0dB (with 10kohm load)
- Display: 2 digit 7 segment LED
- Input: 1/4" phone jack (Rated input level: -20dBm, Input impedance : 470kohm)
- Output(Line / headphones combined): 1/4" stereo phone jack(Maximum output level : [LINE]+3dBm, output load impedance 10kohm or higher / [headphones]20mW + 20mW, into 32 ohms load)
- Control Input: Expression pedal, Foot switch
- Power Requirements: AA size(LR6) battery x 4(Optional), or AC adaptor DC9V/300mA / Center minus type(Optional, AD-0006 recommended)
- Battery Life: 12 hours(with alkaline batteries)
- Dimensions: 155(D) x 136(W) x 52(H) mm


*A factory repack with a full warranty.

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