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Freehand Systems MusicPad Pro Plus - Enhanced

Electronic Sheet Music Display

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Freehand Systems

The MusicPad Pro's 12.1" TFT LCD backlit, color display is about the size of a sheet of music, but this digital music notebook does a heck of a lot more. All your sheet music, drill charts, lyrics, guitar tablature, bowing and fingering marks, class schedules, set lists, and other study and performance aids can all be kept in one convenient place. The innovative touch screen lets you make marks and notations right on the page of music, which you can store, change, and delete as needed without losing your original score. Plus you can zoom in and out to make fine annotations.

You can store an entire season's worth of concerts or an entire semester of classroom materials in one compact unit and add new scores or material at any time. It's easy to download music from freehandmusic.com, scan your music library, or import music from all the popular music and graphics programs directly into the MusicPad Pro.

The MusicPad's high-resolution, low glare, easy-to-read display with backlit touch screen eliminates the need for external lighting in low-light or no-light situations. And a quick touch on the screen or tap on the optional footpedal will turn the page for you. Plus, the convenient video out feature makes it easy to project your notes and annotations so you can share materials with students and colleagues.

Version 4.0 offers many enhancements over 3.0, including double the memory for 128MB of storage. Freehand has refreshed the interface to make it finger-friendly, so that you can now touch the icons instead of using the stylus. The file management capabilities have also been improved with an enhanced playlist function (you can now store up to 100 songs) and a browse/search capability that lets you type in search terms with the onboard keyboard or a USB 2.0 keyboard. Freehand has also expanded the notation palette with features like text, zoom, and advanced color palette and notations. Plus with the full version of a score purchased from the freehandmusic.com store, you can both transpose and play back a MIDI version of the score that shows the notes as they are being played. When you are playing a piece back the notes that are being played are highlighted so it's easy to follow along.

Version 4.0 comes equipped with premium tools, which you can unlock with a product key for $49.95 from freehandsystems.com. These tools include wireless networking, so you can network the MusicPad 4.0 via Ethernet or wireless connections. You also get audio functions including a metronome with both audio and visual options as well as a number of settings so you get just the beat and emphasis you need for whatever piece you're working on; a MusicPad version of a pitch pipe; and audio player to play, stop, pause, shuffle, and repeat MIDI and MP3 files. Premium tools also gives you access to additional pen colors and annotation tools.

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- Size: 13.3" x 9.9" x 1.8" (just over 4 lbs.)
- Easy-to-read, low glare, touch screen
- 12.1" TFT LCD backlit, color display eliminates need for external music stand lighting
- Resolution: 1024 x 768
- 128MB external USB flash drive
- 32MB internal flash memory
- Video out
- Audio out
- AC power and rechargeable battery
- 2 USB ports (1 host, 1 device)
- Built-in jack for footpedal
- Store your entire music library
- Download nearly 50,000 digital music scores already formatted for the MusicPad Pro Plus from www.sunhawk.com
- Scan your music library into a computer and then convert
- Fully annotative with zoom in and zoom out feature while writing
- Add or erase rehearsal marks and notations
- Easy-to-read personal onscreen color notes
- Extensive library of notation symbols
- Text annotation via a virtual keyboard
- Half-page turn option for look-ahead viewing in portrait mode
- 2-page display in landscape mode
- Remote easy page turning
- Audio Player for MIDI
- File browser and quick search
- Expanded playlist capability
- One-year limited warranty

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