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Auralex SonoSuede Pro System

SonoSuede Pro System

Studio Sound Panels

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A highly decorative and complete do-it-yourself room treatment system ideal for professional and home recording studios, the SonoSuede Pro System consists of four 16"x48"x2" thick back-beveled panels predominantly used for corner trapping, and eight 16"x48"x1" rectangular, back-beveled panels providing a total of 64 square feet of coverage. The SonoSuede Pro System's synthetic suede fabric delivers the acoustical transparency and visual allure that are critical in today's studio applications, and the system's unique mounting blocks offer additional absorptive performance.

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- 4 Corner Traps (black)
- 4 Right Wall Panels (red)
- 4 Left Wall Panels (red)

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