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M-Audio GuitarBox

24-bit/44.1kHz USB Interface Bundled with Pro Tools M-Powered

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With the Black Box, M-Audio gives guitarists the power they need to produce astounding guitar tones and mind-blowing sounds that no one has ever heard before. This is due in part to the collaboration between M-Audio and Roger Linn while developing the Black Box. With Linn on board, a good idea - a user-friendly interface aimed at guitarists - became a powerhouse, with the addition of Adrenalinn technology, allowing beat- and MIDI-syncing of the effects. The USB connector pumps the output of the Black Box into a computer. And the new firmware update recently added a handful of new features to this already impressive unit, one of which is adding the Black Box to the list of Pro Tools M-Powered interfaces. If you’re a guitarist, you can’t afford not get one of these! And with Pro Tools M-Powered and the Black Box, you can now work anywhere, anytime with the industry standard in music production software! Create and record your project using any of the M-audio interfaces listed below, with genuine Pro Tools software. You can open sessions created in Pro Tools M-Powered software with any Windows XP or Mac OS X Digidesign Pro Tools TDM or LE system, giving you unprecedented production options for your music. Realize your creative vision with the perfect interface for guitarists - the Black Box - and the industry-leading DAW software.

Seamlessly collaborate with other musicians using Pro Tools M-Powered or Pro Tools LE systems. Easily take your projects to a Pro Tools|HD-equipped recording studio to have it mixed by a pro. Or take your pro studio projects home or on the road with you - even use them as backing tracks on stage. With Pro Tools M-Powered, owners of select M-Audio interfaces instantly become members of the largest community of digital audio workstation users in the world.

M-Audio hardware owners can use Pro Tools M-Powered software to tap the powerful recording, editing, and mixing features of Pro Tools. With up to 32 simultaneous tracks of 16- or 24-bit digital audio, and support for up to 44.1kHz, Pro Tools M-Powered is an ideal companion for your M-Audio interface and audio interface keyboards - whether you’re recording solo or your entire band.

Once you’ve finished your recording, you can fine-tune your performances with Pro Tools’ unmatched nondestructive editing tools. Shape sounds, compose parts, and add effects with RTAS instrument and effects plug-ins. Create polished mixes with professional mixing features and full mixer automation. Automatically analyze and tighten percussion tracks with Beat Detective LE.

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UPC: 612391460402

- Software Fully compatible with all other Pro Tools systems
- Professional recording at up to 24-bit/44.1kHz
- Edit and mix with powerful Pro Tools functions
- Plug-ins galore!
- Great-sounding Guitar/Recording Interface
- Loaded with Tons of Amps and Effects
- Adrenalinn Technology
- The best of classic and modern amps
- Tons of built-in effects
- Industry-standard DAW software
- Included Bomb Factory and DigiRack Plug-ins
- 24-bit/44.1kHz recording interface
- Mic pre
- USB interface


- Black Box Reloaded

- Pro Tools M-Powered 7

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