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Dean Markley 2663 Randy Jackson Alchemy Bass Strings (.045 - .105)

2663 Randy Jackson Alchemy Bass Strings (.045 - .105)

Four Alchemy Bass Strings

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Dean Markley

Who says you can't teach an old dawg new tricks? Why would a seasoned veteran like Randy Jackson—who has produced, played bass or performed on over 1,000 Gold, Platinum, and Multi Platinum albums—want to change his strings? Jackson, a Dean Markley string endorser for the largest part of his career, recently approached Dean Markley, looking for one string that would be versatile and long lasting, and which could be used for virtually all of his recording and live applications.

In order to achieve the goal (to create the "Ultimate Bass String"), Dean Markley Strings had to re-align its thinking and re-design certain manufacturing methods. After months of R&D the company's engineers developed a design that incorporates three different styles of strings into one combination string. The new Randy Jackson Alchemy Bass strings have a unique core-to-wrap ratio for proper tension, and a great sound and feel. And they have Stainless Steel under wraps, and they have our proprietary MC394 Gold cover wrap treatment over Silver-Plated NPS for added life.

The end result is a string that delivers the sound benefits of a Stainless Steel bass string with the feel, tension, and growl of a Nickel Plated Steel string that will last a long, long time.

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UPC: 756004266309

- Gauges: .045 .065 .085 .105

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