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Rane ME15B


2 channel 2/3 Octave MicroGraphic EQ

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The Rane ME15B is a two channel, 2/3-octave constant-Q micrographic equalizer. The ME15B utilizes compact 20 mm sliders, and features a Range switch for high slider resolution in the ±6 dB mode. The ±12 dB mode provides a wide range of control over system audio.

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The active filter sections feature Rane's innovative constant-Q (constant bandwidth) design. This means the bandwidth of each individual filter is guaranteed to be narrow enough to prevent unwarranted interaction between filters, yet wide enough to produce exactly the type of correction curve demanded by even the most unusual acoustic surroundings. This differs dramatically from conventional designs of the past, encumbered with the unfortunate characteristic of changing bandwidth when changing boost/cut amounts.

Front panel controls and indicators, aside from the sliders and the filter range switches, include an overall Level control for each Channel as well as Overload indicators and passive Bypass switches.

The rear of the unit provides both ¼ in. Tip-Ring-Sleeve and XLR connectors for each of the Inputs and Outputs.

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