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Behringer UMX61

61-key USB/MIDI Controller Keyboard with USB/Audio Interface

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The U-CONTROL UMX61 is an ultra-compact master keyboard packed with superlatives: it features 61 full size, velocity-sensitive keys, 10 programmable MIDI controllers plus 8 user-set buttons. But Behringer will give you even more:

- 50 virtual instruments that allow you to rock straight out of the box. Hit the keys of a grand piano or take off with breathtaking synths, sound samplers etc.

- Plug and play your software instruments or MP3 tracks and run them straight into your sound system with the included USB/audio interface. Or simply record your stereo tracks on your Windows or Mac PC.

- Compose and record with Ableton Live Lite 4 BEHRINGER Edition. It's the perfect solution that allows you to compose, record and remix your musical ideas. Jam with sounds or phrases and record your song on the fly.

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UPC: 4033653170062

- Unleash your creativity and play 50 virtual instruments and synthesizers, take off with an unlimited number of sound creations. Download more free instrument plug-ins and host software from www.behringer.com
- Velocity-sensitive USB/MIDI keyboard featuring 61 full-size keys and unbeatable programming versatility, real-time control and playability
- USB/audio interface to connect your instruments and mixer, etc. to your computer for recording and playback
- Powerful DAW software Ableton Live Lite 4 BEHRINGER Edition included
- Plug and play with Mac OS X and Windows XP
- 8 real-time rotary controls plus 10 assignable switches
- Freely assign MIDI control changes to the modulation wheel, volume fader and pedal port for ultimate flexibility
- Full 128 tone range via the octave shift function with multi-purpose LED status indication
- Separate MIDI Out allows controlling external samplers, synths and other equipment
- Runs via USB bus, batteries or a power adapter (not included)
- High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life

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