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Planet Waves S.O.S. Bass Tuner

LED Compact Bass Tuner

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Planet Waves

Planet Waves introduces the new SOS Bass tuner. Shaped like a guitar pick, the SOS tuner uses two out-of-phase LED light beams that shine on a bass string as it is tuned. If a string is out of tune, the lights will dance on the string. As the string becomes in tune, the lights become still and steady, and leave a string perfectly pitched. A dial built in the SOS allows the player to change strings accordingly while tuning the instrument. A small pick provides easy string activation while the tuning lights illuminate the string. The SOS Bass tuner tunes four-, five-, and six-string basses.

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UPC: 019954952082

- Auto power off feature
- Built to deliver standard tuning basses
- Calibrated especially for the bottom end growl of both electric and acoustic bass instruments

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