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TC Electronic Classic Series TC XII Phaser

Classic Effects Pedal

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TC Electronic

From ethereal sounds to extremely grungy effects – in your phase! The unsurpassed sound quality of the TC XII Phaser has made it a true classic among vintage pedal collectors.

While other effects may sometimes be used to add subtle and almost inaudible nuances to your tone, the TC XII Phaser never leaves you in doubt whether or not it is on.

The TC XII Phaser can be used in numerous ways – from clean funky chords over overdriven riffs to heavily saturated leads. Its 4-8-12 filter selector offers you a variety of settings radically altering the phasing from wild lo-fi retro to pure grandiosity and back.

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- Connections: 1/4 inch input jack, 1/4 inch output jack, DC jack 2mm (center is minus)
- Power Supply: 9-12 Vol DC or battery 9V Alkaline
- Effect Usage: 20mA
- Dimensions: 100mm x 120mm x 50mm

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