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Kustom HV65

65 watts 1x12 inch Guitar Combo Amplifier

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The HV65™ utilizes an exclusive new Kustom preamp circuit that combines a 12AX7 vacuum tube known for its robust tonal qualities with solid-state circuitry that provides consistency and reliability. To maximize the tube’s distinctive audio characteristics and dynamic range, the HV preamp circuit operates at high voltages. The resulting tone is rich, dynamic and loaded with harmonic content.

The HV65 features 65 watts (RMS) of output power combined with a 12-inch Celestion™ guitar speaker. It provides two channels, each with Gain and Master Volume controls. This Dual Master system lets players easily get natural tube overdrive and compression on the Rhythm channel as well as the Lead channel. The HV Series EQ consists of passive Bass, Middle and Treble controls on each channel that are the same specifications as Kustom’s award-winning, all-tube Coupe amplifiers. The HV Series’ speaker-emulated Direct Out and variable Volume Boost controls are also borrowed from the Coupe.

The Volume Boost is a cool feature in itself, allowing players to dial in the perfect volume level for solos, and then activate this boost using the optional HV footswitch.

An all-new 24-Bit Digital Multi-Effects System has been created exclusively for the HV Series. It offers 16 hi-fidelity, programmable effects with increased flexibility thanks to Tap or Toggle functions for each effect, letting players fine-tune their choices. For example, Delay times, Reverb tails and Tremolo speeds can all be tapped to desired settings. Alternately, the Spring Reverb effect can be toggled between three different tonal selections; the Rotary Speaker can be ramped between speeds; and the Octave selection can be toggled to choose Octave Up or Octave Down.

The optional HV65 footswitch is used for switching channels, activating the multi-effects system and turning the boost On or Off. For added flexibility, the HV65 also provides a Toggle/Tap footswitch jack that, when used with a single-function momentary footswitch, lets players access all of the HV’s Toggle/Tap functions while in performance.

Another cool feature: The HV65 has two retractable feet on its bottom front edge that, when extended, change the angle of the amplifier. This way, players can angle the amp upward to hear it better when performing. It’s a simple, but very effective idea.

In all, the HV65 provides real tube tone and feel in a versatile, performance-oriented package. Feel the voltage.

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- RMS Output: 65 Watts
- Speakers: 12 in. Celestion™
- Tube Preamp: 12AX7
- Channels: Lead & Rhythm
- Dual Master Controls: Gain & Volume
- Preamp Modes: 3 High Gain, 3 Clean
- EQ: Dual 3-Band
- Solo Boost: w/Volume Control
- Digital Effects: 16 Programmable
- Direct Out: Speaker Emulated
- Effects Loop: Send & Return
- External Speaker Jack: Yes
- CD/Tape/iPod Input: Yes
- Footswitch Jack: Yes
- Footswitch (Optional): Channels, Boost & Effects
- Dimensions (in): 18.1H x 20.9W x 11.6D
- Dimensions (mm): 460H x 530W x 295D
- Weight: 37 lbs/ 16.8 kg

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