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Marshall 2266CB

50-watt, all-valve 4 x ECC83s, 2 x KT66s 2x12 inch combo loaded with G12C-25 Celestion Greenback speakers

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The 2266C 50-watt 2X12 combo is an all-valve single channel amplifier with a choice of 2 "dynamic ranges" selectable by a footswitch. The Low range equates to the performance you would come to expect from a stock vintage Marshall amplifier in terms of tone and available gain. The High range adds an extra preamp valve into the signal path, facilitating those classic hard rock tones of the 70s. Add to this, the ability to dynamically interface with your instrument's volume and tone controls and the experience translates into a truly expressive and organic feel in performance.

Two "frequency selective" pre-amp volumes (gains) -- Body and Detail -- facilitate greater flexibility of tonal shaping for individual guitars and styles while the power amplifier is heavily based on the first Marshall amplifiers to be produced, with 4 x KT66 output valves yielding that substantial fat and smooth tone. A Mid Boost switch on the front panel fattens the tone even more while a traditional Marshall tone control circuit enables fine tuning of your sound.

Vintage and Modern. These are 2 words that don't normally sit comfortably together unless you're talking guitar amplification. The Vintage aspect of course, the tone-fat, smooth, classic and dynamic. The Modern aspect is the feature-set included to enable ease of use and flexibility -- master volume, series FX loop, extra overdrive for those hot "modded" sounds, onboard reverb and a new frequency selective pre-amp topology to facilitate tonal tailoring for specific instruments and musical styles.

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MPN: M-2266CB-U

- Head: No
- Combo: Yes
- Output (RMS): 50 watts
- Speakers: 2 x G12C
- Pre-amp Valves: 4 x ECC83
- Power Amp Valves: 2 x KT66
- Footswitch (Supplied): PEDL-00041
- Dimensions (mm): 690 x 5700 x 270
- Weight (kg): 30

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