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Lace Tele Plus 2 Set

Tele Plus 2 Set

T-100 and T-150 Pickups

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These pickups deliver the vintage TeleĀ® twang and transform your guitar into a TeleĀ® Plus.

All the traditional vintage tone and clarity but without the noise. Smooth attack, glassy warmth with full sweet sustain and thick, fat neck character.

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UPC: 757758206122

T-100 (Bridge):
- Position: bridge
- Resistance: 5.9k
- Peak frequency: 3600
- Inductance: 2.7 henries

T-150 (H/O Bridge):
- Position: bridge
- Resistance: 12.8k
- Peak frequency: 2200
- Inductance: 6.4 henries

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