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Propellerhead Abbey Road Refill for Reason

Abbey Road Refill for Reason

Features access to seven time-honored Abbey Road instruments

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The Abbey Road Keyboards ReFill brings the sound of legendary Abbey Road Studios into your Reason rack. Recorded on location using Abbey Road’s recording rooms and vintage equpiment, this ReFill gives you access to seven time-honored Abbey Road instruments - these are the keyboards heard on all those immortal Abbey Road recordings.

The Abbey Road Keyboards were recorded using the original mics, outboard and vintage mixing desk from Abbey Road’s Studio Two, recreating not only the sound of the instruments themselves, but the very signal paths, technology and recording techniques that is the Abbey Road sound. Each instrument was captured using multiple microphones placed at different locations in Studio Two’s beautiful sounding recording space, allowing for full ambience control in Reason.

The instruments recorded for the Abbey Road Keyboards ReFill all have a unique history of their own. A majority of the instruments captured here are the actual instruments used on numerous classic Abbey Road recordings. In a few cases where the original instrument had gone missing or simply weren’t for hire, identical instruments similar in age and tone were used.

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System Requirements:

- Reason 3.0 or later
- Intel® Pentium® 4 / 1.4 GHz or AMD Athlon XP
- 1 GB RAM
- DVD player

- Reason 3.0 or later
- Power Mac® with a G4 processor or better + 1.0 GHz
- 1 GB RAM
- DVD player

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