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Fishman AFX Chorus *Demo

Acoustic Guitar Chorus Pedal

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Finally a chorus stomp-box for made specifically for an acoustic guitar! The Fishman AFX line is part of Fishman's current focus into introducing effects tailored to the frequency range and sound of acoustic guitars. No more having to lug around a not quite so right sound electric guitar pedal with you.

Although a lush chorus is the primary effect this pedal offers much more. Other modulation effects such as tremolos, flanger, phaser, and rotary speaker effects can be achieved through the twist of a knob.

Mean an all-analog, buffered bypass path with foot switch control lets you maintain signal integrity unlike standard stomp boxes made for electric guitars.

This might be the first pedal the electric guitar player in your band would want to borrow from you rather than vice versa.

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UPC: 605609106483

- 1/4 inch stereo ins and outs
- Input Gain switch adds level boost while maintaining unity gain
- Clip light shows when the battery is low
- 24 bit A/D/A
- 32-bit processing
- 9-volt battery or adaptor power
- Durable All-metal construction


Display Model, Includes Pedal only.

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