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Direct Sound EX-29 - Black

Extreme Isolation Headphones

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Direct Sound

Extreme Isolation Headphones were invented by a studio session drummer for drummers, home studios, stage and studio musicians, and anyone who wants serious isolation. After many long and frustrating recording sessions as a drummer in Studio City, CA their inventor knew there had to be a better way. Their inventor had to figure out a way to "get his ears" next to the recording engineer in the control room. This their inventor knew would save him a lot of time and the frustration of stopping to listen to takes and retakes in the control room. It would also save the studio a lot of money. Their inventor began his development of Extreme Isolation Headphones in 1984. Their inventor was determined to develop high quality isolation headphones that were affordable to all. Their inventor has been using them ever since and subsequently discovered many more uses for music professionals other than drummers. In addition to drummers Extreme Isolation Headphones are great for project studios, stage and studio musicians, sound engineers or for solitude at home, office or a learning environment.

What makes them extreme? They use specially designed earmuffs that passively attenuate surrounding sound by 28 decibels and custom fitted high quality speaker assembly. Because of the extreme surrounding sound isolation, it is only necessary to use the headphones at medium to low volume. This in turn, protects your precious eardrums from damage. As a drummer, their inventor was able to hear his practice music better or hear a studio mix better and still hear the drums and feel the natural strike against the drum heads. Their inventor could mix his own drums next to the multi-track in the same room!

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UPC: 811634003882

- Type: The only headphones on the planet that have dynamic closed back speakers within a closed back isolation chamber.
- Frequency response: 20 - 20,000 hz
- Drivers: 40 mm
- Impedance: 32 ohms
- Sensitivity: 96 db at 1000 Hz
- Cord: 9 feet
- Plug: stereo 3.5mm w/gold plated 1/4 in. adapter
- Features: Advanced an-isotropic magnet drivers for superior fidelity and sensitivity.
- Note: An improved design and better specifications are subject to change at any time without notice.
- Headphones fold for easy storage -- Convenient dual cords worn behind head

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