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Hugh Tracey Alto Kalimba with Internal Mic Pickup

15-Note Alto Kalimba with Internal Mic Pickup

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Hugh Tracey

The Hugh Tracey Kalimba is shaped like a small wooden box with a circular hole in the middle (most models). It has thin metal strips or tongues which are the notes (called tines), that are of varying lengths.

The tines are plucked downward with your thumbs using your thumbnails. The longer the length of the tine, the lower the pitch of the note. The longest tine, and therefore the lowest note is always in the middle.

Unlike other keyboard instruments with the lowest note on the far left, the Hugh Tracey Kalimba notes are tuned in an alternating left-right manner starting from the center note.

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- Kiaat wood gives the Hugh Tracey Kalimba a rich, organic beauty
- Pre-tuned in the scale of G-Major and can be tuned to any scale simply by sliding some of the tines up or down
- It is a deep toned Kalimba and can be used to accompany piano, guitar, bass, singing or played as a solo instrument
- By waving your fingers in and out of The vibrato holes, The Hugh Tracey Kalimba makes a signature, syncopated "wa-wa" sound effect. Alternating between fingers creates harmonic and rhythmic effects
- Hand-Crafted in South Africa

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