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Waves iGTR

Modeling Guitar Headphone Amp

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Pocket-sized and power-packed, iGTR delivers the real sound of guitar amps and effects, anytime, anyplace. Strap it on, plug in your axe, and you're ready to rock. Hook up headphones or speakers and unleash the power of iGTR: Cutting-edge guitar tones — from cool clean sounds to scorching distortion — at your fingertips.

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UPC: 702781701748

- Pop in 4 AAA batteries
- Hook up your headphones
- Plug in your guitar
- Strap on iGTR with the belt clip
- Turn on iGTR
- Pick your amp and effects
- Tweak the controls to find your sound

Ambience FX
- From sparkling to spacious, when you need some atmosphere to fatten up your sound, iGTR's three tweakable ambience effects will make your guitar tone larger than life.

Modulation FX
- From cool and mild to wet and wild, turn your tone inside out with iGTR's three variable speed modulation effects. Shimmering highs and pulsating waves of sound are yours at the flip of a switch.

- From smooth jazz to crunchy metal, iGTR's three virtual amps with adjustable drive give you the power to dial up your sound instantly and intuitively. For sizzling lead lines, blistering riffs, stinging solos, and walls of distortion, iGTR has it all.

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