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Digitech Control 2

Deluxe Foot Controller for GSP1101

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The Control2 is built like a tank with a durable bent metal chassis, 14 high-quality vacuum style switches and a large 14 character LED display. The control 2 requires no setup and simply connects to the DigiTech GSP1101 via a single cable that supplies both power and control signals making stage setup quick and easy.

The Control 2 can control the GSP1101 in either 10 patch mode or 5 patch mode. In 10 patch mode switches 1-10 are assigned to a preset number within each bank. In 5 patch mode, switches 1-5 are assigned to presets within a bank while switches 6-10 are assigned to control individual effect on / off.

The Control 2 also features a built-in expression pedal assignable to wahs, volume, DigiTech Whammy and other parameters. A second ΒΌ" expression pedal input is located on the rear panel.

However you play, if you own a DigiTech GSP1101, dramatically expand your control with the Control 2 remote foot controller.

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- Heavy-duty vacuum switches for program changes, effect on / off changes, bank up and down, tap tempo and tuner
- Bright LEDs display program and effect on / off
- Large 14 character LED display for program name, bank name and tuner
- Large 2 character display for program number and tuning reference
- Built-in expression pedal controls GSP1101's internal wahs, volume, Whammy and other parameters
- 2nd 1/4 in. expression input jack works with any standard cc controller
- Single CAT5 connection to GSP1101 eliminates the need for external power supply
- 25 Foot / 7.6m cable included
- Chassis: Durable bent metal construction
- Display: Large 14 character alpha-numeric and 2 character numeric LED display
- Cable: 25 ft. CAT5
- Power Requirements: Supplied by the GSP1101

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