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Fxpansion Percussion Expansion Pack

Percussion Expansion Pack

BFD Percussion Expansion Pack

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The BFD Percussion Expansion Pack adds a new dimension to the existing BFD libraries. This latest library integrates percussion instruments from around the world along with some interesting sounds like junk and household items. With the BFD Percussion Expansion Pack, you can add a whole new element to your recordings, be it an African Drum groove or the rhythmic racket of beating on saw blades and pots. The BFD Percussion Expansion Pack for BFD offers an extensive suite of detailed percussion instruments and Grooves to complement the drums in your BFD installation.

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- 26.1 GB of vibrant percussion instruments with multiple mic positions and varied, expressive articulations
- MIDI Groove Library
- Latin and world percussion including African, Middle Eastern, South Asian and Irish folk instruments.
- Junk and household items like pots, pans, cups, saw blades and more

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