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Firestone Audio Supplier - Silver

Power Supply Unit

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Firestone Audio

Do you need it? YES you do, if you want your Cute headphone amps or DAC, to sound its best. Every Audiophile knows that a source of clean, regulated power is essential for great sound.

The standard auto-switching PSU included with your Firestone component is a capable unit and will satisfy the needs of many listeners. The "SUPPLIER" upgrade on the other hand is a cleaner, higher powered unit. 500ma output for the "SUPPLIER" and 200ma for the stock PSU, a whopping 2.5 times more! This provides the reserve power to follow the dynamic swings and crescendos in the music that the stock PSU might not be able to follow. This is a brand new SUPPLIER version, recently redesigned for even cleaner, more consistent power!

Electronics that are "power challenged" sound thin or flat at frequency extremes and don't have the oomph to follow the peaks and large dynamic swings in the music. This is particularly noticeable when driving some of the more difficult headphones.

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UPC: 000888884921

- Input: 110-120Vac
- Output: 24Vdc 500mA (Max)

Package Includes:
- "SUPPLIER" 110-120V Power Supply unit
- Power cord
- Component connection cord

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