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Ashly CLX-52

Pro 2-Channel Peak Compressor/Limiter

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The CLX-52 compressor/limiter uses an "infinite soft-knee" characteristic and timing based on compression ratio. This, combined with a dual release time, allows program density to increase as the input signal increases. The result is a peak controller with very low noise, smooth sound, and excellent stereo tracking without the usual "constricted" limiter sound. The CLX-52 is extremely useful for such diverse applications as loudspeaker protection, vocal level control, broadcast limiting, musical instrument sustain, special effects, and CD to cassette transfers.
Dimensions: 19"W x 1.75"H x 6"D

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Extremely low noise and distortion
Dual release time for minimum "pumping"
Detector patch point
Wide-range control of all parameters
Powerful peak control with minimum audible side effects

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