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Denon DN-S1200

Tabletop Multi-Format DJ CD/MP3 Player

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DN-S1200 can support external USB mass storage class devices. Connect a iPod®, Thumb Drive and large Hard Drives for easy access to small or extensive MP3/WAV libraries up to 50,000 files. Plug devices into the DN-S1200 to get powerful on-board features such as, Instant Start, Seamless Looping, Scratching and easy File Searching to name a few.

The DN-S1200 is also designed to interface and control a variety of popular Audio/Video DJ software applications that support USB MIDI interface, either by user custom mapping or direct native support by the software vendor. *Supported Platforms: Mac OSX 10.4 or Higher, Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista.

The DN-S1200 encompasses its own internal power supply to achieve the highest electrical specifications, resulting in the best possible performance. It features industry leading Burr Brown (a product of TI) 24-bit DAC processing for superior output audio fidelity. USB Audio interface includes 2-Channel Stereo output pair, 44.1kHz sampling range and low latency ASIO / OSX Core Audio support. *ASIO Driver included on installation CD-ROM.

The 110mm JOG Disc is constructed with an ultra high-resolution pulse and touch sensor mechanism to accurately reproduce the most subtle or swift scratching movements made by the hand. The Jog Disc can perform other vital functions too such as, pitch bending, scanning, file searching and dry/wet control for effects.

Three types of global USB keyboards are supported (Qwerty, Qwertz, Azerty) in nine native languages for simplified song search of; Artist, Album, Title, Genre, Year, BPM, File Name and Folder. Shortcut keys are also assigned to perform various functions. A keyboard can be shared in a 2-deck configuration by the D-Link connection as well.

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UPC: 883795000314

- Compact, 9" wide
- Controls DJ Audio/Video DJ Software by MIDI
- Built-In sound card (USB Audio)
- Touch sensitive scratch disc with feel of vinyl
- Supports up to 50,000 wav/mp3 files from a USB device
- Advanced file searching system by Keyboard
- Pick next track and cross fade
- 4 on-board effects, including Echo Loop
- 3 platter effects
- 2 Hot Starts on the fly
- Saves MEMO's
- D-Link, shares two player's data together

• 3 Platter Effects
– Brake (adjustable in real-time)
– Dump (reverse sound without losing forward time, like a radio edit)
– Reverse (plays your music backwards)

• Next Track Function w/Cross Fade: With thousands of songs stored on an external USB device, play other files from the same source back to back with Next Track function. Search for the next file by 8 criteria (without interrupting playback) and crossfade seamlessly to that file.
* Available for CD discs as well. Cross fade time is user adjustable

• 4-Way BPM Counter
– Auto Beat Detection
– Manual TAP
– Manual BPM Inpu
– Reads MP3/WAV BPM Metadata from USB device (if available)

– Memo Function: Cue point, BPM, Pitch Setting and Range, Pitch ON/OFF, Key Adj ON/OFF, and Seamless Loop A and B data can be stored directly to a file for later recall. CD memo data can also be exported to USB memory and shared with other DN-S1200 players.
– Pitch Range and Deep Pitch Resolution: For DJs who perform long mix transitions and require high pitch resolution, the DN-S1200 offers a 100mm pitch slider with .02% for the 4% pitch range and .05% for the 10/16% pitch range. 24%/50%/100% ranges are also available.
– Key Adjust: Keeps vocals and music sounding true even when you adjust the speed of the track or file.
– Vibrant Tube Display w/2-line Character Text Support: Offers two lines of character information to quickly navigate through CD TEXT tracks and USB files. A visual 32-position Marker Point follows fast hand movements without drift. Other indicators include Looping, Hot Starts, BPM info, Elapsed/Remain Time, MP3/WAV file types and more.
– Loop A/B Trim: The A or B point for seamless loops can be easily adjusted on-the-fly to perfection.
– Power On Play: Unattended playback is possible upon power up. Great for restaurants, bars and nightclubs at opening time.
– Relay Play: Unattended playback is possible between two players by the D-Link connection. Great for cocktail hour and dinners at banquets.
– 2-way Pitch Bend: (Jog disc or buttons)
– Quick Jump: Jump around within a track/file by precise user adjustable increment time steps.
– Two Way CUE Search System: Supports traditional Denon Cueing method and another popular style as well.
– Fader Start: Supports traditional Fader Start including all Denon Mixers.
– Software Upgradeable by USB: New Plug Ins are always free and made available via our www.denondj.com website.
– Digital Output
– Dimensions: 8.4" (w) x 4.0" (h) x 10.3" (d) inches

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