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Seagull TRIC Case - Dreadnaught / Deluxe

Dreadnaught/Deluxe TRIC Guitar Case with Cover

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The TRIC case provides a level of impact protection for your guitar that rivals the protection offered by many flight cases. With some significant differences: the TRIC case weighs in just slightly heavier than a typical gig bag. It is also remarkably affordable, with a price very close to that of a standard hard-shell guitar case. Add to that the TRIC's capacity to resist changes in temperature and you have the best thing to happen in guitar protection in years.

The phenomenal combination of resilience and lightness in the TRIC case is possible thanks to a high-tech material called: Neopolen P Expanded Polypropylene or EPP. This material is incredibly tough, light and boasts exceptional thermal properties.

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- Fits all Seagull Dreadnaught body guitars

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