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Firestone Audio Little Country III

Tube Headphone Amp and Mic Preamp

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Firestone Audio

The Little Country III paints a accurate musical reproduction regardless of the source. It features a rich, beautifully detailed sound from top to bottom and a superb soundstage. You'll find yourself lost in the music - almost hypnotic like.

As you would expect the LC3 is compatible with the worlds best headphones and you'll definitely want premium quality headphones or earbuds to fully enjoy the LC3. Those "throw away" ear buds you got with your MP3 player won't cut it here.

The external gain switch lets you adjust for any brand or model of headphones from 28 ohms to 300 ohms.

The LC3 received many important design changes and upgrades. The most significant being the addition of the all new power regulation module that now occupies the lower section of the main unit. The power supply unit is now in seperate module.

The three sets of gold plated RCA plugs are for Input, Bypass and Preamp output. The LC3 accepts its input from any source component including CD/DVD players, phono stage, Tuner, DAC, and even your iPod or other portable player.

To make sure the power transfers safely and efficiently between modules the LC3s power cable is equipped with threaded connectors. Gone is the push in S video style cable from the LC2.

On the rear panel you'll find the gain switch and AC power connection.

The new Power Regulation Module now occupies the bottom section of the main unit. The power conditioning effects of this new module add to the startling sonic purity of the LC3. This new module also incorpoates a new soft start circuit to prevent a rush of current to the tubes at startup. A headphone and speaker protection circuit is also part of this major upgrade.

In high-end audio the power supply and conditioning sections make up a large percentage of the cost of every component. Most Audiophiles understand that a source of clean, consistent, regulated power is essential for great sound and a low noise floor. This fact was not lost on the Firestone engineers who paid special attention to this section. As they constantly preach at Audiophile Products, you can never have a good enough power section.

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UPC: 000888885546

- Tubes: 2 X 6922 Electro Harmonix (new)
- Opamps: Burr Brown OPA2604
- Frequency Response: 15Hz ~ 80KHz ; -1dB (100 ohms load)
- Max. Output: Voltage -7Vrms Current -90mA
- Output Impedance: < 0.1 ohms
- lnput Impedance: 10K ohms
- Inputs: 1 RCA
- Outputs 2 RCA (1 preamp out and 1 bypass out) 1 – 1/8" headphone jack
- Input Voltage: 110 or 220VAC switchable

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