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Ibanez GRGM51HP - Yellow

6-string Mikro Sonik Electric Guitar with Built in Amp and Effects

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Having trouble fitting in? If it's because you're pierced and tattooed and attend a prepped out conservative school far from urban areas, Ibanez can't help you. If it's because you need a smaller guitar for the tour bus or running scales in cramped quarters, they can. The Ibanez Mikro offers anyone who needs a compact axe or the comfort of a smaller neck (most especially young rockers) a real alternative to small guitars that are really only toys.

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- Neck: GRG Mikro 22.2" neck
- Neck Type: GRGM (22.2")
- Body: Mahogany body
- Frets: Medium frets
- Fingerboard: Rosewood
- Inlay: Sharktooth inlay
- Bridge: Fixed bridge
- Bridge PU: PSND2 bridge pu
- EQ: A=440hz tuning tone & Distortion effects
- HW Color: CH

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