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Mogami Gold AES - 6 Foot

Gold AES - 6 Foot

AES/EBU Patch Cables

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Made with the superb Mogami 3173 AES/EBU cable which is engineered and for rigid adherence to all AES 110 ohm requirements. This cable is actually designed for perfect AES digital transmission in lengths up to 1000 feet! With high purity bare copper conductors, Mogami’s ultra-high density shield and extremely low-capacitance it also makes a truly great analog cable. Gold pin XLR connectors for permanent, corrosion-free contacts.

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AES/EBU Patch Cables
W3173 series is impedance-matched for perfect adherence to the 110 ohm AES requirements. You can use this confidently in lengths of up to 1000 feet! These cables use bare copper conductors and shielding like our analog series, with even lower capacitance. The finest digital patch you can buy. Also incredible for very high end analog equipment.

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