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TC Helicon Harmony-M

VoiceTone Vocal Effects Pedal for Keyboards

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TC Helicon

VoiceTone Harmony-M is designed for singers who are also keyboard players. It listens to the MIDI input and voice to follow the music. It includes classic "notes" and "chord" harmony control modes, and features 1/4" TRS mic level I/O as well as input for an optional footswitch so the VoiceTone can be placed on the keyboard for easier access. It has a tone switch for engaging the adaptive live engineer effects that dynamically polishes the vocal tone by connecting the stereo outputs to the mains. HarmonyM simultaneously gives you two backup harmony singers and realistic vocal doubling with effortless MIDI control. Also included are the live engineer effects that automatically optimize your vocals with adaptive compression, EQ, and de-essing. All of this is fed into rich reverb and delay processors. While you focus on your music, HarmonyM backs you up with fully-produced vocal sound.

Feel like you�re wrestling with others over your sound? From the moment you plug your mic into VoiceTone HarmonyM, you�re in control of the tone and effects on your voice. Harmony arrangement algorithms follow your playing and singing to provide musically correct harmony. With the straightforward controls, it�s easy to step through presets and switch between A/B user settings. It�s like having a skilled engineer sensitive to your every note, ready to polish your vocal tone.

Each pedal in the VoiceTone line has a unique purpose, yet they complement each other perfectly. Their studio-quality sound, ready-for-action construction, and unobtrusive size let you carry them along with your favorite mic to the gig, whether it�s a club or a concert hall. And operation couldn�t be easier. You�ll get the sound you want in seconds, instantly boosting your performance the very first night you use a VoiceTone pedal. Up to now, only the most successful singers have taken their producer, live engineer, back-up singers and vocal coach on the road, but now it�s your turn to bring your vocal posse with you and ensure that your message and your sound are heard.

Quality is evident in every aspect of the VoiceTone pedal design. Studio-caliber audio algorithms, transparent converters, and fastidious analog audio design lead to a smooth sound that makes you sound your best. To make sure it stands up to the rough treatment it�s going to get onstage or being kicked around a rehearsal room floor, the VoiceTone Harmony-M pedal has a rugged construction.

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UPC: 5706622008978

- Two-voice 4th generation intelligent harmony
- Separate Double effect using overdub algorithm
- Tone switch engages adaptive Live Engineer Effects
- 6 factory reverb/delay combinations for rich vocals
- 10 presets each with A/B location
- Harmony Arrangement algorithm listens to MIDI input and voice to follow your music
- Flexible harmony voicing including unique bass setting
- Includes classic "Notes" and "Chord" harmony control modes
- 1/4" TRS mic level I/O in stereo or mono
- Clean, studio quality mic preamp with phantom power
- MIDI input
- Input for optional footswitch allows Harmony-M placement on keyboard

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