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Auralex Q Fuxer

Sound Diffusor Acoustic Treatment

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The Q'Fusor Sound Diffusor is a design derived by combining a standard quadratic residue sequence with other mathematical techniques, creating a profile that optimizes scattering surfaces. Combine this with an overall depth of approximately three inches, and you have superior diffusion down to a frequency of around 800Hz!

Sonically, this means more accurate control of sound reflections in your room without making the room sound flat. The Q-Fusor is a great step-up from our very effective MetroFusor and, like all of our diffusors, is extremely affordable and easy to install.

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- 14 - 21 3/4" x 21 3/4" x 2 3/4" panels per box

- Q-Fusors can be easily painted using water-based paints ONLY (petroleum-based paints will 'eat' the expanded Polystyrene).
- Do not use Foamtakā„¢ Spray Adhesive to mount the Q'Fusors. Use Tubetak or Tubetak Pro only.

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