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Korg VIF4


Graphic Video Interface for Pa800

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The VIF4 from Korg is a user-installable video interface card for use with the Pa800 arranger keyboard. Installing the VIF4 in the Pa800 allows you to connect an external monitor or projector. The unit can operate in one of two modes; mirror mode shows all information from the built-in display on the external monitor, which is ideal for teaching purposes.

The second mode is "text only", and shows the lyrics and chord names that are embedded in MID and KAR files. Font size and color schemes are selectable, and the single RCA composite video output supports both NTSC and PAL monitors, simply select which format you need from the Pa800. All parameters of the VIF4 are accessed from the Global mode of the Pa800.

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- User-installable video interface card for Pa800
- Choose Mirror mode for teaching and product demonstrations, choose Text Only mode to display lyrics and chord names from MID and KAR files
- Single RCA composite video output connector
- Compatible with NTSC and PAL monitors
- Parameters are accessed through Global mode

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