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MOTU Volta

Voltage Control Virtual Instrument Plug-In

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Any hardware device with a control voltage (CV) input can be placed under precise digital control from your favorite audio workstation software. You can play and automate modulars, analog synths - even effects processors.

Imagine being able to play and automate your CV-equipped analog gear from Digital Performer, Logic Pro, or Live with the same level of control, precision and convenience as a virtual instrument.

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MPN: Volta
UPC: 839128005631

- Standard virtual instrument plug-in that turns an audio interface with DC-coupled outputs into a voltage control interface.
- Lets you control external modular synths or other CV-equipped gear from your computer.
- Works with Digital Performer, Logic Pro, Live and other Audio Unit instrument hosts that support side chain outputs.
- Works with any MOTU audio interface equipped with TRS outputs, including the 24io with 24 TRS outputs, expandable to 96.
- Familiar, easy-to-use instrument plug-in operation within your favorite host software.
- Provides 24 control outputs per plug-in instance. Use as many instances as needed.
- Converts MIDI track data to control voltages to play modulars, analog synthesizers and other CV-equipped sound sources.
- Sample-accurate MIDI playback with supporting host software (such as DP).
- Provides seven different control source types, including MIDI notes, MIDI controller data and audio track automation, plus tempo-synced sources such as LFOs, clock pulses and trigger/pattern sequencers.
- Provides one-click pitch and octave calibration per oscillator using either Hz/V or V/oct tuning standards.
- View at a glance the total calibrated range for each oscillator/interface combination.
- Sync multiple drum machines, arpeggiators and other clock destinations with independent PPQ resolution for each device.

System requirements
- Universal Binary Mac compatibility
- Mac OS X (version 10.4 or later)
- An audio sequencer software package that hosts MAS or Audio Unit (AU) instrument plug-ins and supports multiple instrument sidechain outputs, such as Digital Performer, Logic, or Ableton Live.
- An audio interface with DC-coupled outputs, such as any MOTU FireWire, USB2, or PCI audio interface with quarter-inch TRS outputs.
- The proper cable type for your interface.
- External audio hardware that responds to control voltage signals, such as modular analog synthesizers, vintage monosynths, etc.
- A free USB port for the iLok USB key. Note that if you have multiple products which use iLoks for authorization you can consolidate multiple authorizations onto a single iLok

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