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Digitech Vocalist VL3D

Desktop Harmony Processor

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The VL3D offers 3-part harmonies using DigiTech’s exclusive MusIQ™ Technology, which analyzes the singer’s voice and adds the most musically correct harmonies while offering real-time pitch correction and gender control. Featuring single-level programmability and five user defined voicing patches; the VL3D can be programmed on the fly without missing a note. The VL3D’s inputs include Midi In, Out/Thru, guitar or line level, and XLR.

Effects available with the VL3D include reverb (studio, room and hall) and a pre-effects section with warmth, compression, de-esser, and noise gate. Additionally, there are controls for Harmony Mix, and an A/B part selector with humanizing mix for dialing in precise gender effects.

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UPC: 691991201899

- 3-Part Harmonies using DigiTech’s exclusive MusIQ Technology which analyzes the singer’s voice and adds the most musically correct harmonies.
- Real-Time Pitch Correction
- Gender Control for both Male and/or Female backing harmonies.
- Harmony Mix Control and A/B Part Selector
- Single Level Progammability
- 5 User Defined Voicing Patches
- Built-In Guitar Tuner with LED Display
- 3 Types of Reverb... Studio, Room, and Hall
- Pre-Effects including Warmth, Compression, De-Esser, and Noise Gate
- MIDI In, Out/Thru
- 1/4" Guitar and Line Level Input XLR Input

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