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Sony World Pop Acid Loops

World Pop Acid Loops

Loop Library license-free for PC Only

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In World Pop, producer Richard Michos blends music genres with world influences. This construction kit offers enormous possibilities of styles and textures, including rhythm sections, percussion loops, electric guitar washes, and Pakistani and East Indian vocal flourishes—melded seamlessly to produce shimmering, exotic results. The well-traveled loops of World Pop serve as the perfect ingredient to enhance the musical landscape of your next composition.

World, Ethnic

Percussion, Vocals, Keyboards, Strings, Bass

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You can create amazing, original music with any ACID product and Loops for ACID™. Mix and match sounds from multiple music libraries—your creativity is limited only by your inventory of loops. Blend our loops with your own recorded sounds to create your own unique songs. We’ve collected a vast repertoire of sounds, styles, instruments, and genres from which to choose:
Mix and match loops, while choosing from many different musical genres—rock, jazz, R&B, blues, techno, hip-hop, dance, trip-hop, ambient, and more.
Work with traditional sounds and instruments—drums, guitars, basses, keyboards, percussion, slide guitars, saxes, trumpets, trombones, vocals, and more.
Incorporate ethnic rhythms that represent the far reaches of the world.
Blend in imaginative works by some of today’s greatest musical innovators.
Add a huge variety of noises, special effects, and voices.

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