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Percusso Tambourine

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The new LP Percusso meets today's demand that the percussionist handle multiple sonic duties. A single player must negotiate a gamut of sounds. With this in mind, LP has designed the ingenious Percusso, which enables the percussionist to deliver two discrete tones from a single instrument. By grasping the comfortable LP Percusso grip, the player choose between shaking the lightweight frame for a jingling tambourine tone or depressing the direct-touch lever for an authentic wood block sound. Either way, the player can easily toggle between tones suitable for many musical genres.

A further advantage of the LP Percusso is that block and jingle effects may be played simultaneously in perfect sync. After a moment's study, manipulating the LP Percusso becomes second nature and the player pulls off wood block/tambourine combinations with split-second precision.

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  • Multiple percussion timbres with easy grip, one-handed handle

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