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Rane AC 23B

Active Crossover (1U) Stereo 2- or 3-Way, or Mono 4- or 5-Way

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The Rane AC 23B Active Crossover can be configured as a stereo 2- or 3-way, or a mono 4- or 5-way. It employs 4thorder Linkwitz-Riley filter alignments to minimize phase difficulties in the critical crossover region. The AC 23B uses XLR connectors with active balanced Inputs and Outputs. Simply put, a Linkwitz-Riley alignment is two cascaded
2nd-order Butterworth filters exhibiting identical phase characteristics on their low-pass and high-pass outputs. This characteristic guarantees in-phase outputs at all frequencies. In-phase outputs are mandatory for proper acoustic summing of common signals from adjacent drivers in the crossover region. An added benefit of this topology is steep 24 dB per octave rolloff slopes. A slope of this magnitude guarantees drivers designed to produce a specific range of frequencies, and no more, will not be driven past their limits, thereby minimizing distortion and driver fatigue. To further guarantee the transparent operation of the AC 23B, adjustable Delay circuits appear on the Low & Mid Outputs of each Channel to compensate for any physical misalignment of the drivers. Time correction ensures the mechanical phase alignment of adjacent drivers will be acoustically correct, thus maintaining the integrity of the
electrical phas alignment of the crossover's filters. In 2- or 3-way stereo mode, the low outputs may be mono'ed by moving an internal jumper. Constant directivity (CD) horn equalization is possible with an internal modification.

Choosing the Right Configuration:
Mono, Dual Mono, or Stereo?
Very few systems indeed will utilize a two channel crossover for the purpose of true stereo imaging. Discrete stereo channels which are run from the mixing board are usually used for panning effects and/or for separate equalization of left and right speaker stacks. Different sides of the room often require significantly different equalization due to
varying room acoustics, dimensions, positioning of speaker stacks near walls, curtains and the like. Even though you may not plan to use stereo equalization or panning effects, it is recommended that your system utilize discrete crossover channels for each stack of speakers to ensure flexibility and control for consistent, optimum sound quality. For example, if you plan to run a multi-stack system mono three-way, use the AC 23B rather than the AC 22B for separate control over each set of speakers—especially since phase alignment may differ with each stack requiring separate time delay adjustments. Even with only a single system equalizer, the AC 23B can deliver the extra independent control which can make a difference in sound throughout the listening area. If all drivers are built into a single cabinet, or you are running bi-amped monitors, then the AC 22B is the one for you.

Architectural Specifications
The active crossover shall contain 4th-order LinkwitzRiley filters. Provisions shall exist to correct for driver misalignment by adding time delay to the low and mid frequency outputs. The crossover frequency shall be controlled by a continuously variable control with 41 detents to allow mechanical reference of crossover setting. Signal inputs and outputs shall be of active balanced design terminated with XLR connectors. RFI, infrasonic, and ultrasonic filters shall be built-in. The active crossover shall afford an input level range of Off to +6 dB. The output level controls shall afford a level range of from Off to +12 dB with muting capability on the low and mid frequency outputs. The crossover shall supply two independent channels. The unit shall be exempt from agency safety requirement and powered from a UL listed, CSA certified remote power supply (120 VAC) or CE approved (230 VAC) via a rear
panel modular plug input. The unit shall be constructed entirely from cold-rolled steel, and mount into a standard 1U EIA rack. The unit shall be a Rane Corporation AC 23B Active Crossover.

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UPC: 008474930649

• Stereo 2- or 3-Way, Mono 4- or 5-Way
• Linkwitz-Riley Alignment with 24 dB per Octave Slopes
• Adjustable Delays
• Infrasonic, Ultrasonic and RFI Filters
Low & Mid Output Muting (3-Way)
• Input & Output Level Controls
• Fully Active Balanced XLR Inputs & Outputs
• UL/CSA/CE and 100/120/230 VAC Remote Power Supplies

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