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Korg MR-1 Refurbished

1-bit Mobile Recorder with Microphone

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Future-proof digital recording!
With the pristine fidelity and ultimate flexibility of 1-bit technology, the new, surprisingly affordable MR-1 sound recorder ensures that your location recordings and final masters are never obsolete. The hand-held MR-1 provides high-quality 1-bit/2.8 MHz recording and playback in a shirt-pocket portable package that is perfect for location recording, broadcast journalism, podcasting, live music performances even for rehearsals and song-writing sessions. By recording in 1-bit/2.8 MHz format you are assured that your most important, once-in-a-lifetime moments are captured in stunning detail, and ready for whatever the future brings you. And back in the studio it also provides superb final mix and archiving benefits.

Powerful new software bundled with the Korg MR-1 recorder enables the conversion of your 1-bit recordings and mixes into all of today's audio formats without degradation. Best of all, by archiving your data in 1-bit format you're ready for the future, as playback systems and standards change.

The MR-1 comes with Korg's innovative and powerful AudioGate software for Mac and PC. AudioGate can convert 1-bit recordings into WAV and AIFF formats at various bit-rates (and vice versa) and offers real-time conversion and playback of 1-bit files using your computer's audio hardware.

It also does essential functions like DC offset removal, gain control, and fade in/out. The combination of the Korg MR-1 and this exclusive software makes the perfect system for both capturing and preserving your critical projects and source recordings. This archiving capability that had only been the domain of the major record companies and top studios is now available for everyone!

1-bit recording is the latest advancement in audio, and has been adopted for use in the critically acclaimed SACD recording format. It offers a frequency response of DC to 100 kHz (analog tape is 5Hz to 50kHz) and dynamic range of 120 dB. This uncompromising fidelity, low noise floor, extended dynamic range, lifelike imaging and analog quality depth has been praised by top experts. But there are other important advantages to the format that are of benefit to all recording professionals, regardless of their tracking platform.

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- The Korg MR-1 supports multiple recording formats including DSDIFF, DSF, and WSD 1-bit formats*, as well as multi-bit PCM format (BWF) with resolutions up to 24-bit/192 kHz.
- It features a 20GB internal hard drive, offering up to six hours of recording** at the highest audio quality (1-bit 2.8224 MHz stereo), or approximately 20 hours at CD quality (16-bit 44.1 kHz).
- High-speed USB 2.0 connectivity provides for fast and easy transfer of files between the recorder and your computer. The MR-1 runs on AC or long-life rechargeable lithium polymer battery.
- The maximum continuous recording time is approximately six hours when using an AC adapter.
- The ultra portable MR-1 digital recorder includes dual balanced mini plug inputs and a stereo mini plug output. It includes a stereo electret condenser mic so the unit can be tucked away and the mic clipped or placed in a convenient location. It features an intuitive, menu-driven interface featuring a large backlit LCD for superb visibility.
- A total of one thousand projects can be recorded in the MR-1, and file management functions such as Rename, Delete, and Protect can be easily applied to individual projects. Up to one hundred mark points can also be stored in each project.
- Recognizes a maximum of 200 projects for each format (WAV, DFF, DSF and WSD), max 1,000 projects

- Number of Tracks: 2 tracks, 2-track recording/playback simultaneously
- Recording Formats: <1-bit audio formats> DSDIFF, DSF, WSD: 2.8224 MHz @ 1-bit WAV, BWF: 44.1 kHz @ 16/24-bit, 48 kHz @ 16/24-bit, 88.2 kHz @ 24-bit, 96 kHz @ 24-bit, 176.4 kHz @ 24-bit, 192 kHz @ 24-bit 44.1kHz/192kbps(playback 44.1kHz/32kbps-320kbps)
- Internal Hard Disk Drive: 20 GB
- Recording Time: max approx. 31 hours (44.1 kHz @ 16-bit, 2-track)
- Number of Projects: **Recognizes a maximum of 200 for each format, max 1,000 projects
- Mark Points: 100 points per a song (no mark name)
- USB Functions: USB2.0 supported, ability to use as FAT32 external USB drive
- Song Editing: rename, delete, protect
- Display: 160 x 104 dots LCD with backlight
- Dimensions: 64 (W) x 120 (D) x 24 (H) mm / 2.52" (W) x 4.72" (D) x 0.94" (H)
- Weight: 200 g (including battery)
- Power Supply: AC adapter, or internal rechargeable battery (lithium ion polymer)
- Current Consumption: 2.15 W
- Accessories: AC adapter (also operates as charger), carrying pouch, stereo mic (CM-2M), CD-ROM ("AudioGate" audio file conversion software)

- Connectors: mini phone jack (balanced)
- Input Impedance: 10 kOhms
- Nominal Level: LINE -6 dBV, MIC -39 dBV
- Maximum Level: LINE +6 dBV, MIC -27 dBV

- Connector: stereo mini phone jack
- Nominal Level: -6 dBV
- Maximum Level: +6 dBV
- Load Impedance: 10 kOhm or greater

- Connector: stereo mini phone jack
- Output Impedance: 16 ohms or greater
- Maximum Level: 40 mW + 40 mW @ 16 ohms

- Connector: Type B (mini)
- Format: USB 2.0 High-Speed device, USB mass storage class

System Requirements
- Supported OS: Windows Me/2000 or later, Mac OS 9.0.4 or later

- Supported OS: Windows XP Home Edition/Professional Edition Service Pack 1 or later, Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later (Intel-based Mac supported)
- Supported Computers: [Windows] Intel Pentium III 1 GHz or faster [Macintosh] Apple G4 800 MHz or faster (Intel-based Mac supported)
- Memory: 256 MB or larger (512 MB or larger recommended)


*A factory repack with a full warranty. Product may have minor flaws or cosmetic imperfections.

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