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Morpheus DropTune Pedal

Polyphonic Pitch Drop Pedal

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Now you can go from one pitch for a particular song to a different pitch on the next without having to retune your guitar or owning two, three or more guitars for various step-down de-tunings.

The Morpheus DROPTUNEā„¢ pedal also features effect-toggling so you can instantly toggle back and forth between the dropped pitch and the EFFECT OFF for a cool up/ down pitch-shift effect during solos or power chord rhythm patterns.

In addition, the DROPTUNE pedal has Full Octave Drop and a great-sounding Octaver. Don't mistake this for a mere pitch shift stompbox. DROPTUNE uses patented polyphonic pitch drop algorithms that maintain perfect harmonic accuracy and tonally-correct overtones. You have to hear this pedal to believe how real it sounds!

With a cast metal chassis, solid positive feeling steel step switches and non-skid rubber feet, DROPTUNE is solidly built for years of use and abuse. LED indicators are bright and easy to see even outdoors in daylight.

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UPC: 953323000007

  • Proprietary polyphonic pitch drop
  • Drop tune up to 3-1/2 steps in 1/2-step decrements
  • Full Octave Drop and Octaver
  • Latching EFFECT ON/OFF switch
  • Momentary DOWN and TOGGLE/UP switches
  • Bright backlit DROP TUNE, OCTAVE, OCTAVER, TOGGLE and EFFECT indicators
  • Rear panel TRIM LEVEL control with front panel LED level display
  • IN, OUT and power supply jacks (power supply included)
  • Patent Pending
  • Rugged cast-metal chassis
  • Two-year limited warranty

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