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Numark NS7

Complete Scratch Mixing and DJ Control Table w/ Serato ITCH

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The Numark NS7 gives you that precision control you demand when DJing with software. A dedicated controller for Serato ITCH - which it includes a copy of - the NS7 Controller is ready to control the DJ program of your choice, including Numark’s Cue. Two high-torque motorized 7" platters provide the response and feel of standard turntables, while illuminated controls help you perform in the darkest of clubs. Providing 24-bit resolution via blazing USB 2.0 with XLR and RCA inputs, it’s time to start DJing with a serious tool: the Numark NS7.

Control your favorite DJ software
The Numark NS7 comes with a copy of Serato ITCH so you can start seriously performing right away. Though, if you already have a software program of your own, the NS7 is ready to handle it - including Numark’s Cue. The NS7 features loads of additional assignable MIDI controls for a deep level of software compatibility and user-customizable control.

7" vinyl platters with precision response
When you’re performing, you don’t want to lose that vinyl look and feel just for the added possibilities software programs offer. That’s why Numark designed the NS7 with a genuine vinyl interface that provides pinpoint response with the look and feel of standard turntables. Plus, the NS7 boasts illuminated easy-to-find controls so you can perform in the light and in the darkest of dark.

High performance USB 2.0 with 24-bit resolution
the 2-in, 4-out NS7 controller sends MIDI over USB at two to three times normal speed. Plus, it’s at an extremely high resolution - 24-bit - for the ultimate in accurate, precise software control that’s 100% MIDI compliant. Plus, custom controls are included for navigating your library without the need for a mouse or keyboard.

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- Adjustable high-torque, direct-drive motors with 7" Vinyl

- 2-in, 4-out, 24-bit USB 2.0 audio Interface

- Includes a copy of Serato ITCH

- High speed, double precision MIDI controls (Compatible with any MIDI software)

- Rock solid CP-PRO crossfader

- All metal construction

- Extensive Looping, Cue Point and Track Selection controls

- Additional assignable controls include 8 rotary, 8 triggers and 2 mini sliders

- High-quality analog circuitry

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