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Daddario DZ310S Zyex 4/4

DZ310S Zyex 4/4

Light Tension Violin String Set - Silver

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Zyex Composite synthetic core strings produce an extremely warm, rich sound. Zyex is a new generation of synthetic material, creating strings that are extremely stable under drastic climatic conditions. Zyex strings settle in on the instrument very fast, within a matter of hours. Zyex has a warmer sound than most other synthetic core strings, and they have excellent projection. Excellent for use when a dark, rich tone is desired along with powerful projection.

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UPC: 019954920623

Sized to fit 4/4 scale violin with a playing length of 13 inches - 328mm. The D string included with the DZ310S set is silver wound, allowing for a richer sound and quicker bow response.

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